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Jan '12

43.3p FIT rate back - but only until 3rd March

The government today lost it's appeal against the high court ruling that the reduction in feed in tariffs was illegal. For a short period, consumers installing solar PV will be able to be paid the higher feed in tariff rate of 43.3p per unit. Installations must be completed by 3rd March to qualify for the higher rate.

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Dec '11

New year, new price reductions

Total Solar Ltd have today announced significant reductions in the cost of installing solar PV systems.

A full 4 kW system now costs as little as £9,800, a saving of over £1,000 over the prices in November.

The price reductions have come from our ability to negotiate significant price reductions on supplies of panels and inverters from our major suppliers.

Coupled with our unique, low cost operations, we firmly believe that the prices we are now able to quote - will be the lowest in the industry

A 4kW system on a South facing roof will deliver an amazing return of 14.8%. This is a tax free return, and is index linked and government guaranteed for 25 years.

Total Solar is also pleased to announce our new discount scheme - Solar Streets, with significant discounts available to groups of customers looking to install solar on their street at the same time.

Even after the FIT cuts in December - there has never been a better time to invest in Solar.

Source: Total Solar

Dec '11

Solar subsidy cuts legally flawed, high court rules

The high court today ruled that the government's decision to slash feed-in tariff incentives for solar installations breached rules governing consultation exercises.

It is unclear what the implication will be following the ruling, and we will await the response of the government with interest

We believe that the most likely outcome will be that the FIT rate change will be temporarily reversed, allowing another window of opportunity for home owners to install panels in January and February and benefit from the higher starting FIT rate of 43.3p

Coupled with significant reductions in the costs of panels and inverters we have seen from our suppliers - the time is ripe of the best ever returns from solar over the coming months

Source: Guardian

Dec '11

Total Solar - Record Month of Installs

Total Solar are pleased to announce that we have installed over 400kW of solar PV panels in the period leading up to the feed in tariff reduction on 11th December 2011.

To all our customers, thanks for your understanding during this exceptionally busy period, we are pleased that we were able to honour all of our commitments to install before the FIT's reduction deadline and we are all now looking forward to a few quiet weeks off over Christmas.

We expect another busy start to the year - we are working with our suppliers to ensure price cuts to supplies which will allow us to continue to offer excellent value for money in 2012 - and still offer a great investment return on solar, even under the reduced FIT's rates.

Source: Total Solar

Oct '11

Solar subsidies to be cut by more than half

Government documents prematurely published online reveal feed-in tariff cut will double the payback period for householders

Solar subsidies will be dramatically cut by more than half, according to government documents that were prematurely published online and quickly taken down.

The cut will almost double the payback period for householders, the document revealed, meaning someone installing £10-12,000 solar panels will only be in credit after 18 years rather than the current 10. The rate will be reduced from 43.3p per kilowatt hour of solar electricity to just 21p, the document revealed, slashing returns.

The official announcement on the slashing of the feed-in tariff rate paid to householders looks set for Monday, with energy secretary Chris Huhne slated to make a statement in parliament, but the cust could take effect as early as 8th December.

Total Solar has cancelled all holiday for installers and added extra install teams in November and December to create extra install slots. Places are limited so if you are interested in geting Solar PV - contact us TODAY.

Source: Guardian

Aug '11

Solar firm gains investment on Dragons Den

A small solar PV installation business was presented today on Dragon's Den and Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis invested in the business.

Deborah Meadon mentioned that she has solar panels installed on her house and is getting a 10% return.

The returns from our installations are actually averaging around a 15% return on investment - we are able to keep our overhead costs low and we don't pay bonuses to salesmen (or dragon's) and we pass these savings on in lower prices - so our customer's returns are better.

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Jul '11

Electricity price increases of 18% announced

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has announced today that it will be increasing its gas and electricity prices up an average of 18% or £118 for gas and 11% or £49 for electricity from 14th September 2011. This increase will affect 5.2 million customers and will add an extra £171 on to the average annual standard dual fuel bill, which will increase from £1,094 to £1,265 as a result.

Here’s a round up of other energy pricing announcements to date:

ScottishPower announced on 7th July that its standard plan customers will see a 19% or £124 increase in gas prices and a 10% or £56 increase in electricity prices from 1st August 2011.

British Gas announced that its customers will see a 18% or £121 price increase in gas prices and a 16% or £71 increase in electricity prices from 18th August 2011.

Installing a solar PV system is a great way to beat these price increases -and earn a 15% return on average. Contact us today.

Source: uSwitch

Jun '11

Solar PV prices drop

Solar PV is being taken up by more and more householders, and as a result we have seen prices coming down at our solar panel suppliers. We pass these savings on immediately as our quotes are always based on the best prices we can get at the time of the quote.

We are now seeing average returns at closer to 15% up from 11-12% we were getting at the start of the year.

The starter rate for Feed in tariffs is set to be reduced from April 2012 - so householders need to act now to lock in the best possible returns on their solar panel investment.

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Source: Total Solar

Feb '11

Government review of FITs announced - act now to guarantee the best return

The Government has announced a review of the FIT scheme - which may lead to changes and possibly a scaling back of the benefits available for the installation of domestic PV. The feed in tarrif currently makes solar a great financial investment. Act now to take advantage.

Source: Energy Saving Trust

Nov '10

The Renewable Heat Incentive for solar panels pioneers

Get paid to produce your own heat for your home for the next 25 years. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a new government backed scheme which is planned to be introduced in the UK in April 2011. Although these details are still to be finalised, at the time of writing. This new scheme is designed to encourage homeowners to generate heat from solar heating panels, by offering a long term financial support structure.

The Renewable Heat Incentive for solar panels pioneers Not only will you be paid for the heat you generate, but you will also reduce your overall energy bills, also protecting you from future energy price rises and reducing your carbon emissions. The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme is open to everyone in England, Scotland and Wales including, tenants, businesses and Schools. You will be able to claim the tariff from April 2011. The scheme is retrospective, so anyone who has installed a solar heating panel system after July 15th 2009 will be able to claim the reward when it begins next year. Under the new RHI scheme, you will be paid a proposed 18p/Kwh for the heat you generate with your solar panels, whether you use it or not. This scheme is proposed to be degenerative, so taking advantage sooner rather than later will give the best rewards to pioneering users.

Nov '10

Feed in tariff survives after spending review

The UK government has announced that the Feed In Tariff remains in place following the spending review - but a review will be taken in 2012 or possibly earlier if there is a rush of people and companies installing microgeneration between now and then. To be sure of getting the best return on investment, homeowners are advised not to delay.

Source: Guardian

Nov '10

British Gas to raise gas and electricity bills by 7%

British Gas customers will face a 7% rise in gas and electricity bills this winter, the company has announced. The increase, which comes into effect on 10 December, was the result of rising wholesale prices, it said. The rise affects eight million customers, but the company added that its 300,000 most vulnerable customers would initially not be charged more. British Gas has become the second major UK energy supplier to announce price increases for the winter months. The announcements could be the start of a trend, according to Ann Robinson of price comparison website Uswitch.

Source: BBC

Sep '10

'Free' solar panels could cost consumers £10,000

Consumers have been warned to be wary of so-called "free solar panel" offers, which could see consumers missing out from as much as £10,500. A report from Which? highlights the fact that the returns are so good under the Feed in tarif that homeowners opting for free solar panel installations could actually borrow the finance to install their own panels and be better off.

Source: Telegraph